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Mrs. LaSpina

Welcome to my Resource

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It is my hope that this site will serve as tool to provide you with interventions and educational websites you can use at home.


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(516) 644-4400            
Charles Campagne-Main Office
(516) 644-4500
Kramer Lane-Main Office


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Parent Teacher Conferences:
  • December 5th    5:30-7:30 
  • December 9th    1:30-3:30
  • March 27th        5:30-7:30                      

Annual Review will be held during the the month of May. 

         *You will be contacted with a specific date and time for your meeting.

State Tests:           
                               Grades 3-5
                                     ELA :  April 1-3
Math: April 30-May 2
                                              Grade 4 Science : Performance Test – May 21 
                                             Grade 4 Science :Written Test - June 2



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Reading Check List
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    Reading Check List    

     1. I read the directions and questions

     2. I circled the question words.

     3. I underlined the key words.

     4. I asked myself, “What is this question asking?”

     5. I read key words in the story.

     6. I looked back at the question and my answer.

     7. I crossed out the wrong choices.

     8. I used the details in the story to come up with my answer.

     9. I restated the question to write my answer.



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Editor's Check List
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Editor’s Checklist

o   Did you write a topic sentence?

o   Did you stick to the topic and answer all of the questions?

    o   Does each sentence make sense? 
o   Did you check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation?

o   Did you use interesting words and details?

    o   Did you write a concluding sentence?



















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September        Responsibility
October            Perseverance
November        Personal Best
December        Respect
January            Citizenship
February          Honesty
March              Good Judgment
April                Integrity
May                  Empathy
June                  Kindness

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Problem Solving Checkl List
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 Solving Word Problems 

·Read the problem carefully.

·Go back and reread the problem.

· Underline key information ONLY.

·Look at all of your choices.

·Answer the question.

          Ask yourself:  Does it make sense?

                                  Is it reasonable?



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Hand Strenghthening and Endurance Exercises
  • Hide pennies in clay or playdough and have a little treasure hunt
  • Squeeze a tennis ball or spray bottles
  • Flatten playdough and use a pencil to write letters in it
  • Roll playdough or putty into a ball and push pennies into it
  • After hiding the pennies, find them by pulling the putty apart using the index and middle fingers
  • Crayon rubbing activities
  • Pinch a clothes pin and put them on a ruler, string or container
  • Use squirt bottle with water to spray the ground or sink
  • knead dough
  • Legos or Lincoln Logs
  • Hole Punchers
  • Pick up cotton balls, dice, koosh balls or any small objects using tongs or tweezers



Improve Letter Formation


  •  Make letters out of Wikki Sticks or pipe cleaners
  • Practice making letters using putty
  • Write letters on index cards using glue and then sprinkle glitter or sand on it.  When it dries child should trace it with their finger.
  • Finger paint letters
  • Write letters on the sidewalk with chalk
  • Make cookie letters

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