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Ms. L. Trogele

English 8

Welcome to Ms. Trogele's Class Pages!

"Reading a book is like re-writing it for yourself. You bring to a novel, anything you read, all your experience of the world. You bring your history and you read it in your own terms."
~Angela Carter



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Homework September 2015
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Thursday, 6/4: 
Friday, 6/5: 

Check your Achieve inbox:  See Achieve 3000 note at the bottom of this website for more details.











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English Contract

Eng 8 2015-2016 Supplies Needed:

two folders (one to be kept IN CLASS at all times)

three-subject notebook or binder with three sections (Reading / Writing / Words)




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Miss McCarthy's Bio
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Teaching/Learning: I've been teaching in the Bethpage district since 2009 and I consider myself extremely lucky to be here teaching the best subject ever: English!  Students need to know how to read carefully, write fluently, and listen intently no matter what they choose to do in the future (every single career requires these skills), so English class is always relevant to my student's lives.  Personally, I continue to take grad classes as a way to further my own education and to stay on top of the changing trends in pedagogy.

Educational Background: I attended the University of Delaware and graduated in 2003 with an honors BA in English and worked for six years at a publishing house in midtown Manhattan.  In 2010, I graduated from St. John's University with an MA in childhood education/special education.

Family Background: I have a bunch of families!  I grew up living in two homes in Bethpage: one with my mom and older sister, Yvette, and one with my dad, stepmom, and two younger sisters, Becca and Audra.  My sisters are the most amazing, fun, silly people on the planet.  They rock. :)

Hobbies: writing poetry, watching movies (TOP FIVE FAV MOVIES: The Princess Bride, The Shawshank Redemption, Usual Suspects, When Harry Met Sally, The Notebook), reading memoirs, and listening to music (TOP FIVE FAV ALBUMS: Moondance (Van Morrison), Little Earthquakes (Tori Amos), Rumours (Fleetwood Mac), Trouble (Ray LaMontagne)...and triple tied for the fifth place spot: Battle Studies by John Mayer, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (album same name), and The Story by Brandi Carlile).
Extra Help Dates
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Extra help for Q3 and Q4 will be by appt only (let me know when you wish to come) with Ms. McCarthy (room 228)!

Tuesday AM and Friday PM with Mr. Buttafuoco (room 222)!

_________ and __________ with Mrs. D'Orazio  (in room _____)!

Current Vocab List
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Always check Ms. Pelcher or Mrs. Hayes's websites (we all do the same words!) for lists if you can't find them here!

List 1--The Outsiders

List #2--The Outsiders

List #3--The Pearl

List #4--The Pearl

List 5--ATTWN
List 6--ATTWN
List 7--ATTWN
List 8--The Hunger Games

List #9__--The Hunger Games

List #10 __--The Hunger Games

List #11--The Hunger Games

List #_--NWEA Words to Know

Vocab Choice Board--if you misplaced it, click here.  Vocab Choice #1 and Choice #2 are chosen from this board.  You complete whichever choices you'd like for the current list of ten words we are learning (List #4).
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Extra Credit Avail. NOW
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This first link explains the extra credit news option which is available all year (up to three can be completed a quarter).  You must follow directions and do exactly as the directions state or you will get ZERO credit.

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Our Online Scholastic Class Activation Code is: HVVBC.  Parents will need this code for initial account setup.


    English Links
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    Writing Poetry?  Use these helpful sites!
    Need a rhyming word, use
    Need a synonym?
    Want NWEA practice or have questions? Click on the NWEA Parent Toolkit.

    Other great sites:
    Castle Learning 
    Grammar Girl
    Scholastic Resources for Families 
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    Each Quarter (Q2, Q3, Q4) Students Are Asked to Find an Outside Reading Book (ORB) of their own choosing.  They must read the entire book by quarter's end. (Therefore, a minimum of three books (in addition to our three class novels) will be read by each student by year's end.)

    If you finish your ORB before quarter's end, please immediately print a new form and get a new book.  Students should ALWAYS have a book to read.

    If you need additional sheets, click on the links below and print.
    ORB form with parent sign off--This is needed when you choose a new book.
    Q3 ORB Task Sheet #1
    Q3 ORB Task Sheet #2
    Q3 ORB Task Sheet #3
    Q3 ORB Task Sheet #4

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    Achieve 3000
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    Quarter 4 Achieve 3000 assignments (4 total so far in Q4):

    1. Music to Grow By (done in class 4/17/15)
    2. Oh, Deer (due Monday, 5/18/15)
    3. No More Plastic Bags (due 5/25/15)
    4. Double Duty for Dads (due 6/8/15)