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This year we will be studying early American history from it's beginning to Reconstruction.  Social Studies is my passion and I hope that by the end of the year you will like social studies a little bit more than when we first met in September!  Journey with me through time as we learn about the formation of our great country and what makes our story so unique.


7th Grade SS Homework
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Monday-trade in the colonies questions
Tuesday-Life in the Colonies Questions
Wed--Middle Passage Re-enactment
Fri-Review Notes

Extra Help
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Extra Help is given on Tuesday after school and Thursday mornings at 7:45 in room 130.  If you are unable to attend we can make other arrangements.*****I will be unavailable Thursday morning 10/19 due to a department meeting.  It's rescheduled for Wednesday 10 /18 at 7:45*******
Upcoming Events
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Essay on Thursday, October 26
Multiple Choice Test on Friday October 27 on Southern Colonies, Trade and Life in the Colonies Notes