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Happy Birthday!
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We LOVE to celebrate birthdays with healthy snacks (please refer to the "Choosing Better Snacks" handout in your back to school folder) at Central Blvd! If you wish to send in a special snack for your child's special day please send a note in 2-3 days prior. If your child has a summer birthday they will have a special day set aside to celebrate in June.

If you would like your child to refrain from joining in any of this year's celebrations please notify me as soon as possible.

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You can sign up for Classroom Notifications via text or email. Messages are able to be sent to the whole class which is helpful if a homework assignment changes or there is an important announcement to share. I might also text you pictures or information individually as well. I can receive replies on the individual portion of the app. so I encourage you all to sign up! *CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!*

Spelling Tips for Parents
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Click the hyperlink for ways to help your child in the area of Spelling. For many of you these are strategies you are doing. Thank you for the support!

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Instagrammer of the Day
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The students will have the opportunity to post on a private instagram page this year. I will distribute the permission slip during Back to School Night and explain the procedures. Our Class Instagram account is @AwesomeAustinsCBS and will feature real time photos from our day. Stay tuned for more information!
Froggy, the first grader schedule
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Froggy the First Grade Schedule:

Your child will have the opportunity to bring home our class mascot for a weekend visit this year. Please review the date in which your child will bring Froggy home. They will bring home a notebook to document their journey. You can take photographs or include illustrations of what you did during the time you had together. I will also send home last year’s journal as an example for you. Have fun & BE CREATIVE!

So sorry but the Froggy schedule is not following the calendar. Unfortunately, several friends did not return Froggy on time but I will make sure everyone has at least one chance to take him home before the end of the year.

Book Orders online!
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As the Scholastic Books Reading Club Coordinator for Central Boulevard I am thrilled to be able to send home fliers with your child. It is a great way to encourage beginning readers at a very inexpensive cost. Look for details in your child's folder!

Our class is rewarded with books and treats every time we place an order! If you would like to order online our class code is: DVX8C. You can pay by check (made out to Scholastic) or Credit Card  (online only). 

If you should have any questions about appropriate books and reading levels I would love to chat with you! Please let me know if you place an order online so that I can confirm it right away. If I don't know that an order has been placed it could delay the shipment.

Math Tips for Parents
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Helpful Parent tips for Mathematics (Click the hyperlink to find out more!)
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Ring Master of the Week
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This year your child will have the opportunity to be the Ring Master of the Week. 

Monday: Bring in your Ring Master of the Week Poster along with 5-10 photos of you and your family.

Tuesday: Show & Tell- Bring 5-7 special items that you would like to share with the class.

Wednesday: Guest Reader Day- A special person (Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Grandma, etc.) may come to our classroom to read a book today!

Thursday: Circus Compliment Book- Today your classmates will fill out a circus compliment card for you to bring home.

Friday: Special Snack Day- you may bring your favorite snack to share with the class today!