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D. D'Alleva

Regents Earth Science

This course incorporates the study of several main sciences: Astronomy, Meteorology, Oceanography, and Geology. It is a year-long effort, consisting of a multitude of lab activites geared to further advance your understanding of the curriculum. It concludes with the Regents exam administered in June.


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     Week of 12/18- 12/22/17:

              Chapter 5 Books - Energy - all students have received their books

         Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful holiday break!




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        Week of 12/18/17 - 12/22/17:

          Quiz #3 - Ch. 5 (20 points) on Tues., 12/19/17

           Test #2 - Ch. 5 (#1) (100 points) on Fri., 12/22/17




Additional Announcements
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       Week of: 12/18/17 - 12/22/17:

            Progress Reports will be available for viewing at end of week








Earth Science Labs
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               Week of 12/18/17-12/22/17:

                Lab #6 - Heat Transfer - Conduction