Ms. D. Bertolotti

English 10

Ms. Bertolotti   Mrs. Feyrer

Period 1     Room 234

Period 6     Room 113

Period 8     Room 113



Writing Assignment
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Text-based response writing assignment

Completed assignments due Monday 12/2
Week of 12/16/13
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This week, we will read and analyze short works of poetry and prose, leading up to a Writing from Sources essay upon our return to school in 2014!

Monday: "A God Who Remembers" by E. Wiesel
Tuesday: "To the Little Polish Boy..." by P. Fischl
Wednesday & Thursday: "Hope, Despair & Memory" by E. Wiesel
Friday: "A Dark Pall" by B. Copeland
Extra Help
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Bertolotti: After school in room 113

Brent/Feyrer: After school in room 228