Mr. Ierano

Physical Education

Welcome!  For our first units of the school year, PE students will have a choice between Soccer and Flag Football.  All students will learn the fundamental skills needed to successfully participate in games/tournaments.  


PACER Fitness Testing

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The PACER Fitness Test, also known as the Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run test is designed to test your ability to keep a steady running pace and stay in shape.  It is a great training tool and the JFK PE department is implementing it as part of the PE curriculum.  

Students will:
  • Set a baseline score in September
  • Perform the test at the beginning of each month
  • Set short term goals and work to achieve them 
  • Perform and final test in June that displays growth
What is Fitness Friday?
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What is Fitness Friday?!!

To promote physical activity at JFK, PE classes will take part in Fitness Friday.  Students will learn about the importance of physical activity through various fitness activites.  Fitness Friday occurs once a month.      
8TH Grade PE Classes
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