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Ms. River

Kramer Lane Elementary School

The Kramer Lane Music Department

excited and proud of its strong music program which provides every child in grades K-5 the opportunity to develop his/her musical abilities to their fullest.

The Bethpage Music Department, K-12, believes that music is an integral part of a student’s overall education. The music program strives to establish a lasting relationship with music that provides satisfaction, enjoyment, and personal growth during the school years and throughout life. 

Involvement in a music performing group is valuable for many reasons.  Through the process of classroom learning, rehearsal, home practice and performance, students develop a number of skills inherent to music. This includes self-discipline, cooperation, increased ability to listen and follow directions, and an ability to communicate on a level not accessible by the spoken or written word.  These skills are certainly applicable to all life careers. 

Your child’s involvement in school music performance today will only be the beginning of a lifetime of rich musical experiences. We ask your support as parents to encourage your child to take his/her work in our classes seriously and to always give his/her best effort.

I look forward to working with your children throughout the year and welcome your questions and concerns. Please email with any questions for a prompt response:




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