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Mrs. Shumsky

Welcome to Mrs. Shumsky's Kindergarten Class

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All I really need to know... I learned in kindergarten. Robert Fulghum

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Daily Routine and News

Our Daily Schedule
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Monday-Music 1:25-1:55
Tuesday-Computer 9:30-10:10
              Gym 12:50-1:20
Wednesday- Music 12:50-1:20
Thursday- Art 12:45-1:15
Friday- Library 9:30-10:00
            Gym 12:45-1:15
We have lunch from 11-12 and we have snack every day.

Classroom Supplies
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Kindergarten Supply List
1.    one marble notebook
2.   three folders with bottom pocket only- 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green
3.   three packs of 16 count Crayola crayons
4.   Scissors with blunt tip (Fiskars)
5.    twelve #2 pencils
6.    six large glue sticks (Elmers, Avery or Scotch brands)
7.    one package of 3x5 index cards
8.    one smock (An old shirt is best!)
9.     three pink, gum, rectangular erasers (no other shapes)
10.   one backpack (no rolling backpacks allowed)
11.     two boxes of tissues
12.    one set of headband style headphones in a labeled Ziploc bag
13.   BOYS- bring one box of gallon size Ziploc bags
14.   GIRLS- bring one box of 4 oz. size paper cups

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Weekly Newsletter
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K-4 News

Friday, December 9, 2011

Dear Kindergarten Families,

      The time is flying by and we have so much to talk about! Well, I’m sure you’ve heard about our tricky little friend… the Gingerbread Man. He was created in Frankie’s oven (Yes, our own Frankie) and he came to our classroom on Monday. By the next day he was gone. He has been leaving us little messages and clues to trick us.  He even made it to the RED apple when he wrote all over my white board (YIKES!!)  We finally realized that he was frightened because he thought we would eat him.  We told him he was safe and he is BACK!!! We are adding him to our class list and he is now part of the class. It has been a fun week!  While we were reading notes, looking for clues and searching for him, we also read many books about the gingerbread characters, wrote about them, colored them, tasted them, graphed them and even baked gingerbread today!!! We’ve been busy! Thank you to all that took so much time decorating your gingerbread characters…they look great!  We still have a few more stories to read but I can tell you this… we graphed the most popular place to bite into a gingerbread man cookie and it was the…leg.  We actually did this in class and had sooooooo much fun! 

Things we’ve learned so far in kindergarten…

-t b f m n a c r i o g s d e u h l k p v w qu  z in Fundations

- our sight words so far are 

 I  can  see  the my  like  we  go is to and it play a are do you  me 

 -we are working on Chapter 4 in math!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!  Mrs. Shumsky J

Reminders We will be going to the Holiday Boutique next week on Tuesday. I’ll put the specific time on Monday’s hw sheet. J

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Fundations is a phonics based reading and writing program that we use each day.  There are 3 units covered in Kindergarten.  Unit 1 covers all lower case letters.  Unit 2 covers all capital letters.  Unit 3 covers sentence structure, tapping (sounding out) words and writing.  We do Fundations every day.

We have just completed Unit 1.
We will be starting Unit 2 after the vacation... :)

Sight Words
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Mrs Shumsky’s Class- K-4

Sight Words

Here are the sight words that we will be learning in kindergarten this year.  I will introduce them 1 at a time and let you know on the homework sheet.

I       can    we        the        like        a

see         go        to     have  is      play

are    for        you    this        do     and

what  my      me   am    it      little  

said   here  was    look   with   she       

he     has        where


Please practice them each night!


What are we working on this month?
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We are working in Chapter 4 and we are practicing our numbers from 1-10.
Upcoming Events For This Month
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Our Winter Party will be on Wednesday, December 21, 2011. 
Our party will be in the morning but please send a regular snack as well. :)

Our last day of school before the holiday break will be
Friday, December 23, 2011.
Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy, Healthy New Year to all!!!!!

See you all back in 2012!