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Mrs. Schmidt

Welcome to Mrs. Schmidt's First Grade Class

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Our Class List
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Annie, Landon, Charlotte, Emma H.,
 Isabella, Philip, Grace, Antonio, Owen,
Eva, Vincent, Haley, Sarbesh,
Christian, Giuliana, Emma V., Gavin

Our Special Schedule
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Monday - Gym

Tuesday - Library & Music

Wednesday - Music

Thursday - Gym & Computer

Friday - Art

Class Birthdays
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October -  Grace (10/4), Emma V. (10/12)

November - Vincent (11/30) 

December - Philip (12/12), Emma H. (12/14), Landon (12/23), Antonio (12/25)

January -  Annie (1/21), Haley (1/23)


March -  Owen (3/29)

April -  Christian (4/14)

May -  Isabella (5/3)

June -  Eva (6/8), Charlotte 6/22)

July -  Sarbesh (7/22), Giuliana (7/24)

August -  Gavin (8/26)
Celebrity Month
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Celebrity Month *We enjoyed learning all about your special children!!

3/2 Landon
3/5 Charlotte
3/6 Emma H.
3/7 Philip
3/8 Isabella
3/9 Antonio
3/12 Grace
3/13 Owen
3/14 Eva
3/15 Vincent
3/16 Haley
3/19 Sarbesh
3/20 Christian
3/21 Giuliana
3/22 Emma V.
3/23 Gavin

Weekly Spelling Words
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Spelling Rule  -   No new words



Weekly Sight Words
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New Sight Words 
Review all words below.
Review Sight Words

like, can, the, I, red, blue, a, and, go, to, see, yellow, green, you, is, have, orange, purple, she, he, said, play, brown, black, what, do, here, are, for, my, look, is, was, has, up, down, jump, not, me, too, it, yes, over, run, be, ride, come, good, on, that, very, help, use, now, one, two, does, her, they, who, some, of, eat, no, live, into, out, many, want, put, show, under, make, there, why, late, school, today, away, way, pull, could, all, walk, hello, when, water, care, together, boy, girl, people, your, light, our, again, would,call, how, more, funny, there, so,  give, were, says, about, read, say, opened, every, any, saw, soon, sparkled, floating, find, after, old, new, work, done, creation, terrific, their, know, cold, warm, great, predict, sound, extreme, 
 kind, knew, house, friends, far, by, curious, told, before, falls, happen, began, heard, haste, glared, always, mother, father, try, love, firm, supposed, shout, ball, head, should, never, perhaps, meadow, laughter, children, round, better, or, machine, discovery, question, early, thought, nothing, along, instead, errand, suddenly, 
animals, beautiful, from, places, ground, part, tiny, crowded, been, gone, other, clues, invisible, searching, bear, bird, Earth, table, helmet, space, guess, fooling, 
ever, goes, only, laugh, interesting, ordinary, 
eyes, learn, enough, air, across, cub, wild
circle, toward, leave, grew, toppled, wreck, welcoming








Things to Remember
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*Read nightly for your monthly Reading Log
*Review all sight words weekly
*Practice buttoning and zippering your coat
*Practice tying your shoes
*Visit the public library for books on your reading level
*Bring in a healthy snack and drink each day











































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sh, th, ch, wh, ck

(ck is only at the end of a word)

Bonus Letters
ff, ll, ss and sometimes zz
  Welded/Glued Sounds
 am      an      all
ing     ang     ong     ung
  ink     ank     onk    unk



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* Math -  Go Math Series
Getting Ready for Second Grade- Review


Social Studies/Science
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June Topics
Social Studies/Science

Scholastic News
Second Step Lessons


Computer Websites
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To access the Charles Campagne website, go to

Scroll down the page and you will find various links on the left side:

Starfall, Elementary Zone, TumbleBooks, Math Connects

The children will also explore: 
crayola. com
My New Note
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Our Author Studies this year:

Kevin Henkes
Eric Carle
Mike Thaler
Audrey Penn
Jan Brett
Dr. Seuss
Laura Numeroff
Stan and Jan Berenstain
Marc Brown (Arthur)
Paulette Bourgeois (Franklin)
Mary Pope Osborne (Magic Tree House)
Jeff Brown (Flat Stanley)
Peggy Parish